Can’t Connect Your iPhone Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the finest inventions of all the time that not helps you connect your device wirelessly but also lets you enjoy swift connectivity without any hassle.  You can even enjoy Bluetooth facility on your iPhone device. However, there are times when users have complained about their iPhone’s Bluetooth connectivity and could do anything about it. So, if you are also facing the Bluetooth connectivity issue in your iPhone device, then here’s what you need to know about it.

Top Reasons That The iPhone Isn’t Connecting Via Bluetooth

There can be many reasons that your iPhone not connecting with Bluetooth such as follows:

  • Bluetooth isn’t turned on or its on but device isn’t connected.
  • Discoverable mode isn’t enabled in your iPhone device.
  • The iOS isn’t updated to the latest version
  • Network Settings need to be reset

Simple Methods To Fix The Bluetooth Connectivity Issues In An iPhone

The users may follow the troubleshooting ways mentioned below to get the issue of iPhone not connecting to Bluetooth issue resolved as soon as possible.

  1. To start with, first of all, check if your Bluetooth is turned on and is properly working or not. Then check if your Bluetooth is connecting with other devices or not.
  2. If the Bluetooth is turned on then turn it off and then turn on again and check whether it is connecting to the iPhone or not.
  3. The user may also go for a software update of the iPhone and check if the Bluetooth is connected or not.
  4. Also from the Bluetooth settings check if the Bluetooth device is discoverable. It sometimes happens that due to undiscoverable settings of the Bluetooth, it is not connecting to the iPhone.
  5. Another method to get the issue resolved is to turn off the iPhone and then restart again. This may also resolve the issue.
  6. Forget all the connected Bluetooth devices and then try to connect again and check if Bluetooth not connecting is resolved or not.

Moreover, if still your iPhone not connectingthen contact the tech-professionals to get the best assistance on fixing the Bluetooth connectivity issue.